In March 2013, RIVA & MARIANI Group became a member of EiiF (European Industrial Insulation Foundation), a non-profit organization active in the promotion of thermal insulation as a means to achieve sustainability, energy saving and C02 emissions reduction in the European Community target called 20-20-20.

Moreover, from the 1st of September 2013 RIVA & MARIANI Group certified 5 engineers with the title of TIPCHECKs Engineer (Thermal Insulation Performance Check Engineer).

This title allows us to perform, with a specific and objective European method, the following activities:

TIPCHECKs - Thermal Insulation Performance Check
  • Analysis of the thermal insulation performance of parts of industrial installations;
  • Heat loss calculation;
  • Link the actual heat loss with the amount of CO2 emitted and the cost of the energy source specifically used;
  • Calculation of economic thickness, which is the thickness that minimize the sum between investments cost in insulation and heat losses costs, discounted compared to planned years of operation;
  • Propose different materials for the insulation or combination of materials;
  • Propose budget to improve thermal efficiency of plants’ parts and obtaining the best value in terms of energy savings/sustainable investment;
  • Calculation of energy savings and expected CO2 reduction;
  • Calculation of pay back time;
  • Audit.

In Italy we will assist our costumer in obtaining the Energy Efficiency titles, which can partially cover the investments, with a benefit for our clients.


Fire in few seconds can wrap your plant and machinery. During the emergency phase, critical valves will be operated in order to reduce fire effects.

Heat shield Rimaguard® protects critical valves, ensuring their function also in extreme fire conditions.

National trademark No. 415.583 "Rimaguard", Dep. 7.3.83. con. 14.04.86.