In the last decades, core business of Riva & Mariani Group SpA became scaffolding.

Employees and officers have a full knowledge of the activity and can also build temporary scaffolding of great magnitude, such as: scaffolding for lifting structures, throws hoists, propping, walkways, suspended scaffolding, barriers, canopies etc.). Employees and officers are supported by a corporate team of engineers able to study and design the best solutions for the customer while ensuring high standards of safety in all work phases assembly, transformation and removal).

RIVA & MARIANI Group staff has an appropriate professional training, constantly updated on technical and safety standards and have great ability to cooperate with customers to solve all site problems.

Senior employees with more than twenty years of experience share the spirit and values of RIVA & MARIANI Group and train young new employees, who will be our tomorrows’ specialists.

Our Company, in addition to a wide range of classic pipe and coupling materials, has been the first in Italy to promote the introduction of multi-directional material (Marcegaglia / Layher) with a big stock of both basic and special elements, required to face the complex requirements that may arise in industrial environments.