RIVA & MARIANI GROUP SPA has multi-years experience in the field of industrial painting developed by working in the most important Italian industrial poles: petrochemicals, power plants, oil deposits and refineries.

Primary scope of paintings, to be executed after proper surface preparation, is to prevent corrosion of steel structures and maintain their full functionality, stability and durability with reduction of maintenance costs.

Paint can be applied only after proper preparation of the surface to be painted, aimed to remove all traces of impurities such as, for example, rust, mill scale, paint residues and oily residues. Surface preparation can be obtained with mechanical, physical or chemical treatments.

Mechanical treatments are the most commonly used:

  • Dry or wet sandblasting with the use of non-hazardous for environment and health abrasive materials
  • Hydro sandblasting
  • Picketing - Brushing - Scraping with hand tools and/or pneumatic tools
  • High pressure cleaning, from 700 up to 2,500 atm.

Once surface is prepared, specific coating systems can be applied:

A coating system is generally made by several layers of paint, each one with its specific function:

  • Basic coat or primer, used to adjust / seal the support, guarantee corrosion protection and adhesion between support and intermediate layer.
  • Intermediate layer with filling functions and to obtain further leveling of the bottom layer.
  • Surface layer or glaze, which in addition to aesthetic function, is used to meet mechanical and / or chemical requirements due to the nature and use of support.

Paint can be applied with brushes, rollers, spray systems and cold or hot airless systems.