Management Systems for Quality, Environment and Safety at work

Riva & Mariani Group SpA has Quality, Environment and Safety certifications. System is semi-integrated in corporate policies, in QAS Manual, and in most procedures, instructions and forms that are a part of the management systems. The whole system has been designed and realized in order to be easily applicable to the Company and to Third Parties companies involved in the corporate business.

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Company Policy

Company promotes involvement of its personnel and developed for this purpose the following:
A social PROFILE on Google+ Platform;
A corporate YouTube channel.

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Quality System

Since 2003, Riva & Mariani Group has ISO 9001 Quality System certification, made by SGS Italia SpA. In November 2016, the company renewal the certification according to the latest norm edition standard of 2015. Respect of company policies and activities executed by our employees, in order to:

  • Achieve full satisfaction of our Client;
  • Guarantee the highest level of our services;
  • Comply with local laws and regulations;
  • Continue research for optimization of our processes;
  • Maximum Flexibility in Resource Management;
  • Continuous improvement of company efficiency;
  • Control Systems, monitoring and audit;
  • Constant training and updating courses for our employee and tools and instrument updating.

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Safety System

Our Health and Safety Management System meets requirements of British Standard OHSAS 18001: 2007. First certificate has been issued in 2009 by SGS Italy SpA.

HSEQ Structure of Riva & Mariani Group SpA consists of one responsible and 10 officers in various jobsites. Scope of Prevention and Protection Service and of company staff, is to ensure the Proper Application of the current regulations and respect of corporate procedures; this activity has the scope to exceeding laws expected requirements.

Company gives special attention to communication, in order to prevent work-correlated diseases and injuries with the aim to enhance and develop a real culture of safety. Training, Information, Formation and the Periodical safety Meetings, are developed with Innovative Communication instruments such as, for example, the ones deriving from the NLP or Coaching and every available tools able to create an everlasting change in PEOPLE (example use of Role Playing game).

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Environment System

Respect and protection of environment are among our core values. Our Environmental Management System is certified ISO 14001 since 2008 by SGS Italy SpA. In October 2016, the Company renewed the certification according to the latest edition standard of 2015.

Our Environmental Policy is based on the absolute respect of laws and preliminary analysis of all operations that could generate significant environmental impacts. All our operations are scheduled and foreseen the respect of procedures for treatment and disposal of materials, substances and waste. Environmental performance are regularly checked and are subject to continuous improvements to ensure an excellent and sustainable service.

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