Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals with high insulation performance and therefore it has been widely used in the past for production of composite materials (roofing slabs, chimneys, pipelines) and insulation materials.

Fibers and asbestos dust, if inhaled, are carcinogenic. Italy has been the first European country to completely ban its use with law no. 257 of 12 March 1992..

RIVA & MARIANI GROUP SPA, first between the companies which strongly work in the asbestos removal, operates in both civil and industrial fields.

Multi-year experience, hundreds of authorized operators, complete and up to date equipment, a staff of highly qualified technicians and capacity to provide a complete and safe service, place RIVA & MARIANI GROUP SPA among the companies leader in this sector.

RIVA & MARIANI GROUP SPA can offer all the services and the asbestos removal activity of the sector:

  • Mapping of materials containing asbestos and census reports: identification of materials containing asbestos, position drawing, determination of preservation status and hazard level.
  • Sampling of potentially contaminated materials and air monitoring. Samples are sent to specialized and certified laboratories for characterization and determination of airborne asbestos fibers.
  • Preparation of "Asbestos working plan".
  • Securing of asbestos-containing materials by encapsulation and / or confinement.
  • Remediation of materials containing asbestos in a compact matrix.
  • Remediation of materials containing asbestos in friable matrix with dynamic confinement and glove-bag technique (suitable also for the compact matrix).
  • Remediation of land contaminated with asbestos in compact or friable matrix.

Decommissioning and Remediation of contaminated sites

In Italy environmental passivity mainly affects industrial areas, both in disuse and productive, and it requires design and execution of remediation and redevelopment.

RIVA & MARIANI GROUP SPA, in collaboration with important professional and specialized companies, guarantees the highest quality standards in all processes required to return the areas to their original purpose:

  • Characterization: identify site characteristics, define the level of contamination of soil and water and identify contaminants.
  • Planning: study feasibility, identification of the most suitable remediation technique, remediation project (preliminary, final and executive).
  • Remediation: application of chemical-physical or biological procedures: in situ, ex-situ but on site ex-situ and off-site with material transport in proper treatment plants or material disposal.
  • Strip-Out and demolition of the plants.